Gaspare Di Caro is a luminograph whose ambition is to join art light and the reduction of luminous pollution.

For that, he uses an old technique that allows him to project images that have been measured and designed with a "camera obscura". 

That "camera obscura" was used in the past by great masters
of painting, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Caravaggio
and the architect Fillipo Brunelleschi.

With this technique, Gaspare Di Caro can project light into a
perfectly delimited space, as if itwas "tailor made", reducing light
pollution as much as possible.

The projectors, developed and used by Di Caro,are low consumption,
small in size, discreetand can be used permanently.

Luminography, a technique from the past, is totally turned
to the future, making us rethink urban lighting.

Some of Gaspare Di Caro's work are considered masterpieces,
such as the lighting of Christ, The Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro,
where the artist gave, for the first time,a face to the statue.

Gaspare Di Caro was named "El Pintor de la Luz" in Spain.

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The light is the main Actor




Point Totem Le Rayonnement de Nice.

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Arc de Triomphe, Paris

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